Big Sister Barbara and Little Brother Ezren


Meet Big Sister Barbara Dundee and Little Brother Ezren.  Ezren is a little boy with big glasses, a winning personality and a mischievous grin.  He and his Big Sister have known each other for three years, and have been through a lot of moves and changes in that time.  Barbara and Ezren started out in a mentoring program in Covington.  However, when Ezren moved out of that area, they became involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Cincinnati where they were matched in the Lunch Buddies program at Lindeman Elementary. They had a great time every week playing sports, board game and video games, and just talking with each other.  Because Ezren will start middle school this year—and there is no Lunch Buddies program there—he and Barbara decided to transfer to the Community-Based program to continue their Big Sister-Little Brother friendship.   They were both excited because that means they can see each other outside of school and come up with new ideas about what to do together.

Ezren’s mom was thrilled that they’ll continue to be matched—and that she would get to meet his Big Sister—because she says Barbara has been a good role model and has always encouraged him.   She had worried about her son’s self-confidence with the family’s moves and the new school and knew Barbara’s consistent presence would have a positive impact.  Now, Ezren reports he made many new friends, got all As and Bs, and is looking forward to the new school year.  Of course, he’s also looking forward to maintaining his friendship with his Big Sister Barbara.  Our thanks to Big Sister Barbara and Little Brother Ezren for being a part of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Cincinnati.