Former Participant Now Volunteers

Inner City Youth Opportunities “Success Story” – Demetrius

Demetrius entered the ICYO program in April 2013. Demetrius is now in ninth grade. “ICYO helped me a lot. Before, I got C’ s and D’ s. But after I came, the next quarter I got A’ s, B’ s and 1 C. I had a hard time with math. I couldn’t get it until I came to ICYO for help. I am great at it now. The next year in 2014, I got A’ s and B’ s. That’ s what you call cool. I am now on Student Council (at Norwood Elementary). I’ve been on all year. And ICYO helped me with my behavior. Only good kids get to be on Student Council. I help with bullying. Bullies are not cool!!!”

ICYO is pleased to have Demetrius as a helper at ICYO and we love his smile and willingness to help! Way to go Demetrius! Demetrius currently attends Woodward High School as a ninth- grade student. He remains an A, B student. Demetrius volunteers now as an ICYO tutor. He says he has learned so much about working with children. He also volunteers at the summer ICYO tennis camp as a tennis helper. Demetrius enjoys helping other people and that is why he volunteers. He also is learning leadership skills and better communication skills. Demetrius would recommend Inner City Youth Opportunities to other kids for homework assistance, tutoring and for a place to learn life skills! Demetrius says he is interested in being an attorney.