Giving Back

Talk about Giving Back!

Fernside alum, Chris Pankau, has done that in a big way. Chris attended Fernside in 1999, when he was a high school freshman, after experiencing the death of his mother, Margaret Pankau.

He began his volunteer career at Fernside as a facilitator, when he started college in 2002. He’s volunteered in just about every way you can imagine. He’s been a facilitator on our Tuesday Night group in Blue Ash for the past 15 years. However his favorite volunteer role at Fernside has been as a camp counselor at Fernside’s summer camp where he’s volunteered for the past 18 years! The only year he missed being a camp volunteer was due to a significant scheduling conflict – his wedding day!

As a bonus, Chris, who works in audio/video production for the Reds & Bengals, is always sure to put a Fernside group on the Jumbotron at games.

In addition to sharing his gifts of time and talent with Fernside, Chris has also been a fundraiser! For the past two football seasons, he has organized a Bengals Box Game by getting friends to buy in for a chance at weekly payouts. The game is also an opportunity for Chris to donate $500 to Fernside!

Chris, a Xavier University alum and avid fan, has been married for six years to his wife Michelle. They adopted a dog, Lucy, four years ago and added a daughter, Addison, to their family 15 months ago.

Thanks Chris for all you do for Fernside!