Volunteer Spotlight


Q1: How would you describe yourself?

Mary Ann: I have been a camp counselor, teacher, social worker, mother—all involved helping others to learn, believe in themselves and create their own success. The Literacy Network seemed like a good fit!

Q2: What made you decide to initially get involved with the Literacy Network?

M: I wanted to help someone learn to read…Former LNGC president Kathy Ciarla led me to the Literacy Network. I liked that the focus at the Literacy Network was helping rather than fundraising. It is perfect for me!

Q3: Describe your tutoring experience with Eva.

M: Eva was my first! Lucky me! She was determined to get her diploma and she acted as her own advocate. We also took turns praying for each other and our families along the way! We had to change direction several times until Eva found Dohn School. The very first goal was learning to be comfortable on a computer because most of the tests she would be taking were via computer. The second goal was to learn more sight words and read more. The third goal was having her believe that she was really as smart as she truly was— the diploma was really the frosting on the cake!

Q4: Why do you think this type of work is so important?

M: Reading and a high school diploma are keys to self-confidence, more job opportunities and a more just salary.