We’ve kicked off a new project at the CGC: Treeforestation. We started this reforestation project to save and protect Cincinnati’s green spaces. We will begin by having a series of invasive removal workdays, and then will begin planting native trees. This is an ongoing project, and we could use your help!

Help weed, plant, and upkeep our garden.

Help deliver the vegetables to those in need. Three of the community gardens are located in Mt. Auburn and our main garden is located behind our building.

Be part of the team that Village Life calls on when we need help at an event, or when we have a big mailing to get out, etc.

We’re looking for committee members like you to contribute your expertise locally. We need people on the ground – but before that can happen we need a vision and a plan. If you have a background related to health, engineering, business, education, fundraising, and so many more, please consider joining one of our committees!

The Jobs Van is an outreach program that works with panhandlers in downtown Cincinnati. The Van picks up panhandlers and homeless in random locations and offers them an opportunity to work for the day. A volunteer accompanies the Jobs Van Coordinator in the van for the day, picking up individuals who are panhandling, inviting them…

Help clients learn the basics of simple meal preparation through the learning kitchenette. The support of volunteers enriches this effort. If you have an idea for an activity or program, we’d love to hear about it.

Volunteer and help promote our mission awareness.

Help make a difference by volunteering your time in our mission center.

Help make our local event a success.

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